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To Tum Yaad Aatey Ho - Poetry

Latest collection of To Tum Yaad Aatey Ho. We have a large collection of very nice To Tum Yaad Aatey Ho along with Urdu Poetry, Love Poetry, Urdu Jokes, Funny & Love SMS and Love Quotes. Keep on visiting the site for more latest collection of To Tum Yaad Aatey Ho.
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To Tum Yaad Aatey Ho - Poetry

Jab Kabhi Choudhwen Ka Chand Dekhon
Tum Yaad Aatey Ho

Jab Kabhi Subha Ki Pehli Kiran Dekhon
To Tumhari Muskurahat Yaad Aati Hai

Jab Kabhi Souraj Ko Dhalta Dekhon
To Tumharey Gham Yaad Aatey Hain

Jab Kabhi Parindon Ki Chechahat Sunoo
To Tumhari Madham Madhosh Awaz Sunai Day

Jab Kabhi Gulab Ko Khilta Dekhon
To Tumharey Labb Yaad Aaye

Jab Kabhi Barstey Badal Dekhon
To Tumhari Yaad Main DoobiWoh Shaam Yaad Aaye

Jab Kabhi Ghazal Main Tumhara Tazkara Karon
To Tumharey Khushboo Main Bassey Khat Yaad Aaye

Jab Kabhi Barish Main Moti Ki Manind Chamkti Boond Ko Dekhon
To Tumhari Piyasi Ankhin Yaad Aaye

Jab Kabhi Koi Prem Katha Perhon
To Tumhara Bepanah-Wa-Bechain Piyar Yaad Aaye

Jab Kabhi Andheri Raat Main Chamktey Sitaron Ko Dekhon
To Tumhari Nazroon Ki Shirarat Yaad Aaye

Jab Kabhi Samnder Ko Kinarey Se Takrata Dekhon
To Tumhari Woh Mulaqaat Yaad Aaye

Jab Kabhi Chand Ko,Phool Ko,Barastey Badlon Ko Dekhon
To Tumhari Yaad Aaye

BussJab Jab Main Saans Loon
To Tum Yaad Aatey Ho!!!

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